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Do you feel like you have lost your health in the process of taking care of your family?

Want Someone to listen and help you get to the root of your health problems?

Want something else besides dangerous prescriptions and/or surgeries?

You make it into your 30s, 40s if you are lucky and you start to realize that you don't have as much energy as you once did.  You look in the mirror one day and realize that you don't look as good as you once did and you wonder, how did this happen and is there anything that I can do about it?

Maybe you have gone to the doctor and discovered that you have high blood pressure, you're over-weight (as if you didn't know that already, right?), your cholesterol and blood sugar are starting to creep up and your doctor wants to what  . . .  Put you on medication. 


You don't really want to start down that path but what other option do you really have.  Right?

I mean, you are nervous, maybe even scared that your health will get a lot worse and you won't be able to take care of your children or your spouse the way that they deserve for you to take care of them.  Not to mention that you want your husband to look at you the way that he used to . . .  When you first met . . .  During your first year or two of marriage.

Poor health and weight gain is frustrating and scary.  It robs you of your LIFE!

Maybe you have tried diets.  Keto.  Fasting.  Paleo.  Atkins.  You name it. You have tried them, right?  Maybe you are starting to think that something is wrong with you.  

I have good news for you.  It doesn't have to be this way.  There is HOPE for you.  But before we get in to that I am going to show you a common selection of the problems that I am able to help with.  Safely.  Naturally.  Without Drugs.  Without Surgery.

Problems We Are Able To Help You With

Hypertension / High Blood Pressure

Anxiety / Depression

High Cholesterol

Brain Fog / Low Productivity

Thyroid Disorders

Hormone Imbalance

Excessive Fatigue / Sluggishness

Genetic Testing 

Digestive Problems

Pain and Achiness

Pre-Diabetes / Diabetes


Fertility Issues

Pre or Post Menopause Problems

Difficult Weight Loss

. . . Just To Name A Few

Wait a minute, how can you do that?  My doctor just wants me to take medicine.  Here is the truth.  Medical doctors are trained to diagnose problems in terms of prescribing a drug to reduce the problem.  They have a very narrow focus. 


You have pain?  They will give you a drug that reduces pain. 

You have high cholesterol?  They will give you a drug that reduces cholesterol. 

You have high blood pressure?  I think you know where I am going with this.

The problems with this approach are:


     1. There is no real plan to ever get you off of the medicine.  


     2. Drugs have side-effects and most of the time the side-effects will be "treated" with more drugs. 

         There are people out there, who are miserable by the way, who are on 15-20 drugs and 13-18 of

         them are "treating" side-effects from other drugs.  It's crazy.

     3.  No one is addressing the fact that your body is NOT functioning properly and that is why you are

          experiencing the problems that you are experiencing.  What you need is someone to help you get

          your body back to FUNCTIONING properly.




Functional medicine is a way to "look under the hood" to determine the root causes of your health problems.  Dr. Jeni uses cutting edge diagnostic testing and the most comprehensive health history that most people have ever experienced to gather individual "health intel" so that she can design a specific plan that is created especially for you to get the results that you desire.

Functional medicine differs from conventional medicine in that, instead of simply treating symptoms, we focus on caring for the whole person and restoring overall health.

Health coaching is taking the information that is gained through the health history and the medical testing that we performed on you and creating a plan that involves dietary changes, exercise, nutritional supplementation plus other lifestyle changes so that we can improve the way that your body functions.

When your body functions normally, or at least, close to normally, many of the symptoms that you are having will just go away.  You will have more energy, will naturally lose weight easily, and your health and vitality will become optimized.

A New Approach To Healthcare:

Typically when you have a health problem, you go to the medical doctor, have your symptom diagnosed in 7.5 minutes and prescribed a drug that will counter-act the presenting problem.  We call this The Medical Model and it actually works remarkably well in emergency or urgent care situations, but it falls short when dealing with chronic or long-standing health concerns. Dr. Jeni practices utilizing a new model of healthcare delivery, The Health Model.  The Health Model focuses on locating and addressing the underlying causes of your health problems so that you can experience long-term, sustainable Health and Vitality.

The Health Model


This is the most important step in the process.  You must initiate care with Dr. Jeni by scheduling a  No-Obligation "Get To Know You" Phone Consultation. We call this the Connection Call.  During the connection call you will have the opportunity to explain what your health concerns are to Dr. Jeni.  In turn, Dr. Jeni will have an opportunity to explain what she believes will be required for you to meet your health goals and give you an approximation of the timeline and cost associated with your Health Transformation.


Once you have connected with Dr. Jeni.  Dr. Jeni will schedule your Initial Consultation.  Between your connection call and your Initial Consultation, Dr. Jeni will have you fill out and return a very comprehensive health history questionnaire. 


Based on the information from this questionnaire, Dr. Jeni will create a plan and make recommendations to you during the Initial Consultation, which can occur as soon as you are able to complete the   Health History Questionnaire and return the form to Dr. Jeni.  Dr. Jeni's plan will usually involve some preliminary dietary changes, supplement recommendations, exercise recommendations and a recommendation for special medical testing based on the findings of your Health History Questionnaire.


Now it is simply time for you to execute the plan that Dr. Jeni has created specially for you, based on your unique health needs.

In reality, this approach is a cyclical pattern that will recur as often as is needed for you to reach your health goals.  About every 30 days Dr. Jeni will Re-evaluate your progress, tweak your Plan and help you to Execute the Plan.

If you would like to begin your journey to Great Health by Connecting with Dr. Jeni for a  No Obligation "Get To Know You" phone consultation, click the button below.



Here's The Catch . . . We Don't Work With Everyone

3 Qualifying Factors:



You must want a preventative and proactive approach to your healthcare.



You must be coachable.  You must be open to Dr. Jeni's recommendations, many of which will be counter to cultural norms.



You must be growth minded.  Are you willing to see your health grow while watching the health of your peers shrivel away?

Does This Resonate With You?  If it does and you embody the 3 Qualifying Factors above then it is time for you to schedule a Connection Call.

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Meet Dr. Jeni:

Jeni St. Onge is the founder of, a Functional Medicine Practitioner, and Chiropractor.


Dr. Jeni teaches people how to take back their health and live their lives to the fullest.  By collecting individual “Health Intel” and creating a specific step-by-step plan based on each client’s unique needs. 


Dr. Jeni helps people lose weight, have more energy and find and fix the root causes of their health issues. Through a very thorough evaluation, the use of “cutting-edge” diagnostic tests and real-world implementation plans, Dr. Jeni’s clients learn the strategies necessary to maximize their health and live their best lives.


Dr. Jeni is President of and has over 14 years experience in healthcare.  She has helped hundreds of people improve their health and quality of life and she looks forward to helping you.

What Are People Saying About Dr. Jeni

There is an old saying that goes like this, "You can lead a horse to water . . . But you can't make him drink."  That saying is perfect for explaining The Health Model of healthcare delivery.  The question is, what are you going to do?  Click the Schedule Now button and begin the process of getting your life back with a No Obligation "Get To Know You" Connection Call . . . or click off of this page?  The decision is yours to make.  Whichever you decide, I wish you all the best with your health and with your future.