Best diet to lose Weight

· Low Carbohydrate, Moderate Protein, Higher Fat Diet

(Approx. 25% carb 25% protein 50% Fat)

· Focus on whole, unprocessed foods, organic and locally grown whenever possible

· Eat free-range, pastured and organic meats, eggs and dairy

· Reduce or eliminate sugar from your diet

· Eliminate artificial sweeteners (use stevia or xylitol instead)

· Eliminate ALL sources of wheat and most other grain products (bread, pasta, cereal, etc.)

o One small (1/2 cup serving) of rice, quinoa or oats per day is OK

o Focus on using lentils, small amounts of beans and sweet potatoes for healthy carbs

· Eliminate Folic Acid from your diet (in supplements, energy drinks, “fortified” and “enriched” grain products)

· Eat at least 3-5 servings of vegetables every day. Focus on non-starchy vegetables.

White Potatoes are eliminated.

· Fruit in moderation (1 serving per day)

· Avoid ingredients that you can’t pronounce

· Eat some protein with each meal

· Use grass-fed butter and healthy oils like avocado, olive and coconut to prepare


· Drink ½ of your body weight in ounces of water each day (or more if you are very

active and it’s hot outside)

· Search for “Paleo” or “Keto” recipes that meet the above criteria

· Plan meals ahead and make a list when you shop so you are prepared for success!

· If something happens, don’t beat yourself up. Just own it and move on. Each meal is

a new opportunity to eat well and nourish your body 😊

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