Friends with Benefits

So, when you read that title, you might be thinking something other than what I am about to write about, but....

On the left is a picture of me and my husband, best friend and long-time training partner at the end of a half marathon we ran yesterday. Funny thing is, about 17 years ago, He prayed and asked God for a running partner. He got one (plus a wife!). We have been running together ever since. In fact, a lot of our "dates" involve runs followed by breakfast or brunch.

In fact, over the years, I have found that my best and most consistent friends are ones that love to be active. Hiking, biking, running, going to the gym. Especially once I had children and started a business and felt busier than ever. The fact is, if I have to squeeze one more thing into my schedule, I just can't do it. Most people feel the same way. So, why not get yourself a "workout friend". The benefits are improved health, accountability and fun. I am so blessed and thankful for the women who started out as running partners and have become my best friends over the years. In fact, just yesterday at the half marathon, I was planning to run alone since my husband runs a faster race pace than I do. My plan was to make friends on the course, (my favorite way to run) and you know what? I did! I actually saw a friend of mine and was able to run 10 miles with her and a friend of hers that I had not yet had the pleasure of meeting. It was a blast! We had so much fun! I have another friend who I workout with at least once a week. It's such a blessing. We chat, laugh and get in shape all at the same time.

If you haven't tried this, you should. Look for ways to incorporate fitness into your life with the people around you. Maybe you waiting around at a practice for your kids and a group of you can get together and walk or run while the kids are practicing instead of just sitting around. Get creative. I think you will enjoy this, I know I sure do! You never know... If you are single, you just might meet the love of your life. I did :)


Dr. Jeni

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