Healthy Holiday Traditions

Now that we are in the heart of the Holiday season, many of us are creating memories with our families that revolve around traditions. Many of these traditions involve food. Unfortunately, sometimes these foods get in the way of our meeting our health goals. This can be a touchy situation.

May I offer a word of encouragement? Consider establishing new traditions that incorporate healthy foods that your family enjoys. This way, you will reap the benefits of creating memories without sacrificing your health or that of your family. There are many families where at least one (if not all!) members do not tolerate wheat. In these same families, there may be many traditions built around foods that end up making the members affected feel miserable. It's time to change the tradition!

Also consider creating traditions around things that do not involve food. Like volunteering time to help serve families who need a meal, or offering to help an overwhelmed neighbor wrap Christmas presents. Maybe there is a single parent you know who would like some time to shop or take care of some things for herself. You could offer to watch her children. There are so many opportunities that exist. Establish a favorite movie and watch it together as a family. Maybe it's a craft that you do. The possibilities really are amazing! This is a great way to involve the entire family and spread kindness if you choose to focus on a volunteer-type activity.

Maybe now is a great time to break out the fine china. Everything tastes better on fancy dishes. Make it about experiences and not food.

I just wanted to take a minute to encourage you this Holiday season. It's such a wonderful time of year, yet for many it conflicts with where they are trying to take their health. But, it doesn't have to! Give yourself permission to create new, healthy traditions.

Wishing you a blessed Holiday season full of magic, wonder and good health!

Dr. Jeni

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