Stealth Pathogens... What the heck!?

So, that is a crazy name for a not-so-crazy idea! The idea that exposure to things like the Epstein Barr Virus or Lyme disease, just to name a few, can trigger a stealth, low-grade infection in your body that simmers under the surface and creates weird symptoms.

Usually, the need for this arises when people have tried the things that "should" work like diet modification, exercise, good foundational supplement support, etc.

It's actually common enough that there is a protocol developed by Functional Health Care professionals that helps address this. This is a two part protocol as follows:

Artemisinin Complex - 3 tabs twice per day

Myrrh Forte - 4 tabs twice per day

Repeat this for 4 days

Echinacea - 3/ day (2 AM/1 PM)

Viranon - 3/day (1 AM/ 2 PM)

Repeat for 10 days.

This is a 2 week cycle and it will need to be repeated about 6 times or until symptoms are relieved. Sometimes, the first part can make a person feel very ill, so they need to back off and cut the supplements in half until they adjust.

If you feel like I am describing your case, please visit to schedule a free consultation to see if maybe this is affecting you.


Dr. Jeni

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