Super Charge your Immunity... How to avoid being sick when it's "Going Around"

Starting in the fall each year, we see signs everywhere about the Flu Shot. I personally don’t love that idea since there are typically many toxic substances found in those shots. As kids go back to school and the dreaded “cold and flu” season begins, what can be done to avoid getting sick?

Let’s start with a concept of immunity. Our bodies are meant to fight off germs and disease. We are self-healing and God has made us to be able to fight off infection and disease. Have you ever noticed that some people seem to do a better job of fighting off these things than others? Why is that? In a school, work or social setting you can have a whole group of people exposed to the same virus, bacteria, germs, etc. and some get sick and some don’t. Why is that? Simply put, their bodies are doing a better job of neutralizing the threat and keeping them healthy. What are some things we can do to have increased immunity?

· Check your stress levels. Stressful, negative, toxic and anxious thoughts activate the stress response in your body and over time, this will weaken your ability to fight off threats like viruses, bacteria and other things that can make you sick. Lack of enough sleep (7-9 hours) is a huge stress that most people put on their body.

· Cut out the Sugar and eat a Healthy Diet. The immune cells that help fight off things that can make you sick get suppressed after eating sugar. So, each time you consume sugar, it makes it that much harder for your body to fight to keep you healthy. It is especially bad if you consume sugary substances throughout the day as this makes your immune system depressed the better part of the entire day. Stick to a low glycemic, whole food based diet heavy in healthy fats with clean meats veggies and some fruit to give your immune system what it needs to perform best.

· Wash your hands, but ease up on the antibacterial products. When germs are everywhere, it makes sense to practice great hygiene like washing your hands with warm water and a gentle natural soap. Antibacterial soaps and hand sanitizers aren’t a great idea because they kill all bacteria and these types of products are causing bacteria to change and become more aggressive and immune to things like antibiotics.

· Fill in the gaps with the right supplements.

Taking a good multivitamin can help ensure the basics are being met. So many vitamins and minerals are what are called co-factors in the chemical reactions that happen in our bodies to keep them healthy. If we are low in things like Magnesium, Vitamin D, Vitamin A or any other of these essential nutrients, our bodies don’t operate as efficiently as they should. A chewable version for kids is a great choice!

For general immune system support, you cannot beat the herb Echinacea. This is a go-to during cold and flu season. It comes in liquid or tablet form. You will know you have a good product because it will tingle in your mouth (more noticeable if you get the liquid). The liquid is a bit more potent, but is generally more appropriate for adults. Children usually do well with a chewable immune support called Congaplex. For more scientific information on Congaplex, please refer to this article

For chronic respiratory conditions like bronchitis, I love Broncafect, which can be taken in the winter months to support healthy respiratory function. A dose of 1 in the morning and 1 in the evening is great for general support and this can be increased if you start to feel the coughing coming on.

If you feel like you are having allergy-related symptoms, it’s most likely your body not being able to clear the histamine that is being produced in response to things like pollen, mold, and other substances many people don’t tolerate well. One of my favorite go-to supplements for this is called Antronex. This helps support your liver’s ability to eliminate the excess histamine in your body. It seems to work as well as the over the counter Anti-histamines you can buy at the pharmacy without the side effects or drowsiness. I keep this around all the time!

Let’s talk about sore throats. There are two things (and I am sure more!) that will kill the bacteria that causes strep. The first one is Colloidal Silver. I get the spray, and you can find this at your local health food store or order on amazon. This is great to have on hand to spray in the back of your throat or your kids’ throat if you hear that strep throat is “going around”. It has no real taste, so it’s very palatable for kids. The other is Oregano oil. This is not quite as “user friendly”. Since it’s a hot oil, I don’t recommend it for kids. As an adult, you can put a couple drops of a high quality oregano oil (I like Young Living, DoTerra and the Rocky Mountain brands) in some water and gargle it around. Just a warning that you might end up smelling like pizza, but it really does the job!

I hope this gives you some great ideas on how to build your immunity and create true Health.


Dr. Jeni

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