Toxic Beauty

We all want to look, smell and feel beautiful... But, what is the cost in terms of toxic chemicals that we slather in, on and around our bodies?

Did you know that many cosmetics and beauty products contain nasty little ingredients called Parabens? These substances can disrupt your hormones. If you have heard the term "Estrogen Dominance", you know that these beauty products can actually cause hormonal and other health issues as they can mimic Estrogen and cause problems.

A great resource for learning more about this is the Environmental Working Group. They even have an app you can download on your phone called "Healthy Living" that rates all kinds of makeup, skin care, foods, and many other substances for toxicity.

When you first begin on this journey to detoxing personal care products, it can seem totally overwhelming. I want to encourage you to keep it simple! Start with a few things and replace them as you run out. In order to help, I want to share a few products and companies that I really love.

Soap and body wash - I LOVE the Everyone brand. They make soaps, shower gel (that can also be used as shampoo and face wash) that smells great is is rated very low on the toxic scale. It's available at so many places and on Amazon.

Body lotion - I love the Everyone brand for this also. They lotion scents match the body wash scents and smell great without the toxicity. They even work great as a basic face lotion.

Shampoo and Conditioner - Honestly, this is what I have struggled the most with. I have tried all the brands and I am not 100% in love with any of them. The Avalon organics brand seems to work the best and is very clean. It just takes a bit to adjust to not having the super rich later that is full of chemical junk.

Deodorant - This is another area that I have researched extensively. Probably because I spent 4 years trying "Natural deodorants" that didn't work. My husband was ready to kick me out, I think :) You want to look for a paraben-free and aluminum-free product here. You will want to avoid anti-perspirants. They block you from sweating. This is actually not a great idea since sweating is a way to release toxins. My 3 favorite brands are Native, Seventh Generation and Schmidts. I really like Schmidt's, but it goes on a bit rough because of the baking soda and can be irritating for some. It seems to work, however. It's pretty easy to make your own and you can google a recipe that will include something like activated charcoal, coconut oil, beeswax and possibly baking soda. It's not that hard, but I have found that making things like body butter, deodorant and lip balm is a mess and I find it easier to just buy it. If you are a DIY kind of person, it might be right up your alley :)

Skin care - The best skin care, in my opinion, comes from the inside out. Drinking plenty of pure water, and eating a nutrient-rich diet goes a LONG way in helping here. Having said that, there are a few things I love for skin care. Coconut oil makes a great facial moisturizer. It will also remove eye makeup, so it can do double duty!

I love the brand Acure for face washes and scrubs. They also make lotions, but I haven't tried those.

I also really like everything I have tried from Beauty Counter. It is an all-natural, premium skin care and cosmetics line. Everything I have tried by them has been fantastic. I especially like their Countertime line for "Mature" skin. Their tinted moisturizers make a great lightweight foundation as well. They are comparable to a high-end department store brand. You can find them online and through an independent sales consultant.

Another cosmetic company I like is Mineral Fusion. Not quite as luxurious as Beauty Counter, but a great, clean source of make up and skin care that is easily found at most health food stores and on Amazon.

Mineral Fusion also makes the only nail polish and nail products that seem safe to me. I really struggle with this... I love to have nice, painted nails. But, if you think about the fact that Nail Polish remover is similar to paint thinner, you start to re-think the whole situation. There is no judgement if you choose to frequent the nail salon. Just want to share some less toxic options with you.

Let's talk about toothpaste for a minute. You may have been thinking that fluoride is good for your teeth. I actually consider fluoride to be a toxic ingredient. It can compete with receptors for thyroid hormone and affect thyroid function as well. I filter it out of my water and do not use it in my toothpaste, either. There are a number of good natural toothpaste choices out there that don't contain fluoride.

I know that was a lot of information. I want to encourage you not to get overwhelmed. Simply review this info. and begin moving in a direction that supports less toxic health and beauty products!

Here is a video that really makes you think about Beauty products!

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